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Voucher Code Redemption Process for MS Certificate


  • You should have a valid voucher code (not expired) from your service provider to redeem MS certificate
  • You should have successfully passed the course to redeem the MS certificate
  • This process is applicable only for Microsoft courses

Process Steps:

  • Navigate to the enrolled course for which you want to redeem the MS certificate.
  • Select the last module of the course which will redirect to generates the Course Completion Certificate. This module is named "Get Microsoft Course Completion Certificate". Click on the "Instructions" tab here.
  • This last module will load the "Get Microsoft certificate" button.

  • Select the option to get your certificate, you should then be transferred to
    1. This site will require a Microsoft account(associated with;;; etc.) email account to access.
  • Log into
  • You will get an option to redeem a voucher code to attain MS certificate.

  • Enter a valid voucher code here. Voucher code is verified on this page

  • After Voucher code is verified, click "Login to Verify" button. It will take you to site asking to verifiy your identity.
    Click Authorize on this page

  • You will now be redirected again to to the MPP Dashboard.
    If there are multiple courses enrolled, Select the course for which you need to redeem the certificate.
    You will get the option to redeem a certificate only if passing marks were attained in the course.

  • After clicking "Redeem" button, the process will prompt you to add your correct legal name entered in You can edit your name from Edit Profile, My Legal name tab.
  • Your certificate will now be visible under "Achievements" tab on You can easily download your certificate from here and share.
  • Sample MS certificate